Promoting and creating opportunities to enhance people’s lives for a path to a                 


better future.

The Hizon International Foundation is a non-profit organization that promotes transformational change through education and creates opportunities to improve people’s lives.

This year, we want to open the scholarships worldwide, in the amount of $1,000 USD each, to single mothers for continuing their higher education along with matching them with mentors, such as yourselves.

 We still need sponsors and 50 more mentors by December 31, 2023.  


Global Impact

Our focus is to advocate for the needs of kids, single mothers, underserved communities, and the poor and distressed. We work throughout the world with collaborative partnerships to promote the well being of humanity and the environment.  


We are spearheading the Patrocinio De Guzman Scholarship.  It will provide financial support and encouragement to single mothers who are trying to rebuild their lives through higher education and match them with mentors.
Our second scholarship round is now open! We are accepting applications until January 8, 2024.


We are looking for committed and caring Mentors to champion the scholarship recipients. 

Let's collaborate to implement initiatives that will create opportunities and improve the lives of millions of people.

Giving is a

In our family, giving is more than an act—it's a way of life. I nurtured this value in my children early on, involving them in sharing our donations. This commitment to service has profoundly touched our lives. Witnessing the sheer delight of children from underprivileged areas as they delve into the pages of colorful, illustrated books we've donated is incredibly heartwarming. These books are rare treasures for them, windows to new possibilities and experiences. We are excited and humbled to offer these young minds a glimpse of the vast world beyond their immediate surroundings.

family affair.

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